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Tax Planning

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At Stanford, Munko & Co., P.L.L.C, we believe that careful tax planning plays a crucial role in our clients’ financial success. While we place great emphasis on the preparation of complete and accurate tax returns, we believe tax planning decisions that occur on a continual basis throughout the year are what determine a successful tax result. We seek to work closely with our clients trusted financial advisors, retirement plan specialists, and other professionals in a team-oriented approach to ensure the best possible result for our clients. We specifically advise our clients regarding decisions related to:

  • Tax projections and tax payment planning
  • Timing of financial transactions
  • Real estate transactions
  • Gifting
  • Estates
  • Business transactions
  • Trusts
  • Entity structures
    1. Should you set up an entity? What type would be best for you?
    2. How to set up and utilize the features and benefits of an entity
    3. Entity tax reporting and compliance
  • Business reporting
  • Business tax deductions
  • Retirement fund planning and setup
  • Stock option exercise decisions
  • Retirement timing
  • Wage structure and employee benefit planning